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ViscoLogic Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire. Space for Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Cuff-links, Ties and more (White NextGen)

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  • Wooden Jewelry Mirrored Armoire
  • Lots of space for your earrings, necklace, bracelets , glasses , ties, scarfs , watches, glass perfume and all your accessories.
  • Level Adjustable angel of cheval mirror outside, convenient for your dressing and cosmetic.
  • Jewelry cabinet with lock up device to securely store jewelries and accessories.
  • Some quick easy assembly required. Parts and instructions included.

This stylish piece of furniture is great for you, who love their jewelry displayed in a classy way.


It makes it easy to choose your jewelry in the morning without the frustration of looking for loose or missing pieces. It stores all of your jewelry safely and in a organized manner




1. MDF stand


1 pair of Iron hook Metal Key with chrome


2. Ring Holder


12 lines, each line have 6 positions for rings total can hold 72 ring


3. Necklace Holder


12 for long necklace, 6 for bracelets/short necklace


4. Earring Holder


5 lines, each line have 8 positions for 40 pairs


5. Shelves


4 shelves with total 7 compartments for glass, perfume, tie, watch